Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Smart One Technology offers a full suite of services to help your business run smoothly and more efficiently. For over a decade, our team of developers, designers and engineers have been creating highly-effective software solutions custom-tailored to the industries in which they serve.

Each product we develop is defined by extensive market research, real-world trials and the latest in technological advancements. Our goal with every new deployment is to meet and exceed the expectations of our users while providing the customers they serve with a fast, simple and enjoyable buying experience.

At Smart One Technology, we hold ourselves to the very highest of quality standards, ensuring your operational needs are met and your business goals are achieved. Whether your needs are for personal, home, office, corporate, education or even automobile, Smart One has your solution.

Merchant Services

We can set your business up to accept credit card payments. If you don't currently accept credit cards, you're missing out. There are over 1.5 billion credit cards in the US alone with an average of 3.5 cards per person (source). We can set you up whether you need a simple terminal or a full POS solution.

If you already accept credit cards, we can do a free evaluation and help you save on fees. We guarantee the best rates in the industry, so call us today to get a free evaluation.

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Free Terminal

New merchant accounts come with a free terminal!

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A POS system can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently. Our POS system has integrated payments for a seamless experience.


Website Showcase

Here is a small sample of websites that we've done.

On-Site Repair

Is your computer running slower than it used to? We can not only tune up your computer by removing junk files, viruses, and spyware, but also run a comprehensive diagnostic test to find hardware problems. We can replace old hardware and tune up your PC to like-new condition. We can also upgrade your computer to be faster without having to buy a brand new one.

Please give us a call at 617-514-4948 to schedule an on-site repair appointment.

Electronics Recycling

Do you have old or broken computers or outdated electronics? We can recycle them for you in an environmentally friendly manner. Computers and cellphones, in particular, have improved very quickly over the past few years, so old ones often get thrown out. Please help us help the environment by letting us recycle components that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

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